(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner

a solo open improvisation discipline


The basis of (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner is the experience and experiencing of action (speaking, playing) with yourself (with your inner partner or partners), as a rule, on your own. After some self-reflection, each one of you should be able to recall the experience of talking to yourself or playing on your own with your self. (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner is about studying and learning how to engage in similarly authentic, spontaneous, playful and co-playful acting (behavior and experiencing); generating this behavior in public in the presence and attention of “spectators” in a situation of “public solitude” (Stanislavsky), where we do not contact the onlookers in any way (visually or physically), “as if” they weren’t present.

-Ivan Vyskočil (creator of the discipline)


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New (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner Course for Beginning Students

September-December 2015

Helsinki, Finland

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